Peter Crebert


The story of Peter and Maria CREBERT is well documented and respected in Newcastle NSW,
especially in the suburb of Mayfield. Originally named GREBERT, and from Kiedrich, in Germany,
they travelled to England, then sailed on the ship "Parland" and arrived in Newcastle NSW in 1849.
On arrival, or shortly after, their surname was changed to CREBERT.

Soon, Peter encouraged his parents, brothers and sisters to also emigrate. All but one sister did so,
and they arrived in 1855 on the ship "Daniel Ross". So, there are now many CREBERT and GREBERT
descendants and relatives living in Australia.

To co-incide with the 100 year anniversary of Maria's passing, a Crebert/Grebert Reunion was held
at Mayfield East on the weekend of 13 & 14 September 2014.
     Maria (Wagner) Crebert

What a great and successful week-end it was. Hats off to Jan & Ron
Crebert for all their work, and to the other committee members for their
assistance in making it a great get-together.

In perfect weather, 212 people came to Mayfield East Public School
on Saturday, many bringing interesting displays and enjoying
meeting new and old relatives and friends.

Indoors, there were talks through the day on various family topics
(See Saturday PROGRAM), a drawing competition and trivia quiz for
the kids, and lots of mingling and looking at the displays, exchanging
notes and adding details to the trees that Gil from Melbourne had put up
around the hall. Outside, there was also much talking and photos being
taken in the sunshine.

Food and drink were available from the school canteen, including a
sausage & onion sizzle on the barbeque for lunchtime.

Saturday evening's Celebration Dinner at Mayfield Diggers Club was
attended and enjoyed by 94 people. At the end of the evening each
adult received a bottle of wine and a specially engraved wine glass.

On Sunday morning around 50 people joined a guided historical walk
of Mayfield, going to the places where Peter had his vineyards and
orchard, as well as to St. Andrews Church, and along Crebert Street
(which was named after Peter) and surrounds.

Then, early Sunday afternoon at Sandgate Cemetery, about 45 people
attended the blessing ceremony for the inscribed portion of Peter's
headstone which is now set in the same plot as his wife Maria.

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